On the paradoxes of Innovation

Paradoxes on the Spirit of Innovation

Dedicated to my students of all times with Love and Appreciation.

Dorit Kedar

Be disciplined.

Be diligent.

Leave territorial background.

Get rid of personal idiosyncrasy.

Maintain the balance between passivity and activity.

Cultivate continuous reflection by annihilating automatic reactions.

Be alert in your mind.

Be flexible in your body.

Groom yourself and your surroundings.

Learn everyday new things.

Follow the external dynamism by cultivating inner dynamism.

Be mindful to process of events rather than end results.

Dare to be alone by cherishing your path into the Unknown.

Be courageous to develop your inner psychological kaleidoscope so as to cope with Reality

Overcome possessiveness

Overcome control on the world and on God.

Foster the interlinking process of everything with everything.

Accept the cycle of life and death.

Tune into the Becoming while exercising the healing effect of non activity.

Develop a positive outlook without being naïve.




About Dr. Dorit Kedar

Forced to continuously change nations, cultures and schooling - I had to develop a wider sense of communication, a way of thinking-feeling-behaving which stresses the common denominators. The need to adapt new landscapes and land-souls has taught instinctive means to overcome separatism, prejudices, dogmatic beliefs and suspicions. While looking for the common gathering denominators, I have also increased the ability of perception and individuation. Being constantly in estranged places has triggered psychological processes to turn the unfamiliar into familiar. As an art critic in the Israeli press, a curator, a writer - have always dealt with the otherness, the different and the infinite variety of the Existent. My Book of Peace is the result.
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