Native America: Animal Shields ─ Amplitude And Versatility Of Communication

Every painted shield of this series tries to draw the viewer’s attention to the uniqueness of the animal depicted. Each creature has a different form, texture, and color of body. Each responds to the general characteristics of its species, while being singularly special and unrepeatable in its individual form and sound. Animals have their own habitat and life style influencing their particular communication means. Animals or flora, pertaining to the same family, branch into numerous sub-species, all according to the ever-changing geographical context, dependent on space and time dynamics. The more one inquires into the secret life of beings, the more humble one feels when approaching the non-terminable spectrum of transient living phenomena.

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About Dr. Dorit Kedar

Forced to continuously change nations, cultures and schooling - I had to develop a wider sense of communication, a way of thinking-feeling-behaving which stresses the common denominators. The need to adapt new landscapes and land-souls has taught instinctive means to overcome separatism, prejudices, dogmatic beliefs and suspicions. While looking for the common gathering denominators, I have also increased the ability of perception and individuation. Being constantly in estranged places has triggered psychological processes to turn the unfamiliar into familiar. As an art critic in the Israeli press, a curator, a writer - have always dealt with the otherness, the different and the infinite variety of the Existent. My Book of Peace is the result.
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