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Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology.

An interdisciplinary exhibition – Spielberg’s films extracts about Indiana Jones, Archaeology research. artistic items,fashion and museum heritage of archaic art. Facts and fiction. Myth and research. Archaeology and science – everything in intertwined. Continue reading

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Helsinki – A different kind of City

Helsinki. The market of craft. The market of food. The museum of design. The museum of contemporary art. The quarter of Finish design and the grand worldly companies, coffee shops, boulevards, and gardens. The magnificent central white Protestant Cathedral. The … Continue reading

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Some after thoughts of the present journey and education today.

Graz. Austria. Johanneumuseum: Natural History permanent exhibition and an exhibit on the theme of Landscapes, New Gallery. (part 1) The theory of the Sun’s self extinction and the gradual creation of agglomerated fragments to form the planets. The inner alchemist … Continue reading

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