Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology.

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology.
National Geographic Museum, Washington DC

An interdisciplinary exhibition – Spielberg’s films extracts about Indiana Jones, Archaeology research. artistic items,fashion and museum heritage of archaic art. Facts and fiction. Myth and research. Archaeology and science – everything in intertwined. The museum has the courage and inventiveness to erase artificial frontiers between apparently low and high fields of interest, showing the imagination that an archaeologist has to have as a complementary ability to the analytic, scientific approach.

However, the archaeological, cultural and theological context serve as inspiration to personal creativity. Real and imaginary landscape fuse due to design, improvisation, perspective and digital illusions. Indiana Jones, the hero of the film series, is himself an awarded academic professor, an adventurer and obviously a field archaeologist. A learned man and a physical entrepreneur. The visitor is moved by fiction, the art of cinematography, imagination and significant new findings (Nasca landscape pictographs for example) as the result of new methods, technology and means of application. The visitor has an opportunity to peep into the world of intriguing but hard work to decipher past civilizations, exposing beauty, harshness and mystery, An exhibit which is surely thrilling, teaching and exciting at one and the same time.


Nazca Lines from a bird’s eye view

Dorit Kedar


About Dr. Dorit Kedar

Forced to continuously change nations, cultures and schooling - I had to develop a wider sense of communication, a way of thinking-feeling-behaving which stresses the common denominators. The need to adapt new landscapes and land-souls has taught instinctive means to overcome separatism, prejudices, dogmatic beliefs and suspicions. While looking for the common gathering denominators, I have also increased the ability of perception and individuation. Being constantly in estranged places has triggered psychological processes to turn the unfamiliar into familiar. As an art critic in the Israeli press, a curator, a writer - have always dealt with the otherness, the different and the infinite variety of the Existent. My Book of Peace is the result.
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2 Responses to Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology.

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  2. Yossi Eckhaus says:

    Excellent presentation, analysis and interpretation of an Exhibit that’s sure to please the Indiana Jones Film Series fan, as well as the academic souls who appreciate the melding of imagination, technology, antiquities and art.

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