The intensified threat of conventional religions – the need of re-education: The religious dogma versus the Path of The Inner Temple

The intensified threat of conventional religions – the need of re-education.

The religious dogma versus the Path of The Inner Temple

By Dr. Dorit Kedar


Temples, Synagogues, Churches or Mosques are built according to the conventions of cultures within time and space yet The Divine transcends time and space.

Nature determined as holy or any building designed and built by the human and believed to be holy is an imaginative bridge between matter and the Beyond.

In contrast to holy sites or buildings, defined as such by a cultural convention, a parallel secretive phenomenon has co-existed: the psychological or spiritual Path of the Inner Temple.

The Inner Temple grows within the body, soul and spirit of an individual willing to accomplish an intricate journey towards wakefulness.

Wakefulness is the ability to transcend conventional thinking, feeling and believing, dictated by defined time and space circumstances.

However, while wakefulness is non-dependent of time and space circumstances, it still aims to explore The Beyond within the limitations of time and space.

This paradox might help clarify why the Path of the Inner Temple, in contrary to the dogma of the Outer Temples, has no collective narratives to follow and to blindly believe in.

Moreover, the Path of The Inner Temple teaches to abolish any narration, made possible by time and space, so as to open the soul and Spirit to explore The Mystery, The Void, The Unknown, Essence, The Grain, and Oneness in Pluralism.

While the religious narratives of The Outer Temples along human civilization clash, fight and kill so as to impose an absolute exclusive truth, the Path of The Inner Temple builds an infinite and thus a non-hierarchic network, in which everything and everyone is interwoven.

Such an infinite network, with no apparent beginning or known end, mirrors the essential characteristic of The Creator who cannot be grasped by human logic or narration but explored by sensing the Mystery in every concrete and ordinary event.

If the dogma of The Outer Temples is based on definite scripts, commandments and prohibitions, The Path of The Inner Temple is explored differently by any seeker of Spirituality.

There are as many Paths as there are seekers…

The believers of dogma have to develop a one dimensional mentality of full obedience to be graced by eternal salvation and avoid eternal doom, while the seekers of Spirituality, walking the Path of The Inner Temple, have to learn the difficult lessons of temperance and mindfulness.

Temperance — to exercise the flexibility of mind and Spirit while exploring the limitless network of The Becoming and mindfulness — to strengthen the presence of mind and soul so as to fully sense the momentous concreteness of the transient here and now.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the magnificent citizens of the world who support our activities to re-educate our youth for a better future.


The Inner Temple


About Dr. Dorit Kedar

Forced to continuously change nations, cultures and schooling - I had to develop a wider sense of communication, a way of thinking-feeling-behaving which stresses the common denominators. The need to adapt new landscapes and land-souls has taught instinctive means to overcome separatism, prejudices, dogmatic beliefs and suspicions. While looking for the common gathering denominators, I have also increased the ability of perception and individuation. Being constantly in estranged places has triggered psychological processes to turn the unfamiliar into familiar. As an art critic in the Israeli press, a curator, a writer - have always dealt with the otherness, the different and the infinite variety of the Existent. My Book of Peace is the result.
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  1. Very interesting details you have remarked, thanks for posting.

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