Tallinn, August 2016: Visual and Textual Impressions

Architecture, Folk Art and Design, Mythology, Worship, Fashion, Ancient Trees, Magic Spells and pharmaceutics – A journey to Tallinn…

Hotel: My city Hotel 



Just arrived. A bird who plays the role of a sculpture amid a chaotic vivid colourful multi-styled architecture.



Tallinn is a unique combination of medieval modern and contemporary architecture. grey solid fortified stones and punch banana ,green and blue colours…




Another Angle of the Colourfull streets



Old wooden gates and more recent doors are also positioned within the wide spectrum between the sturdy and the free spirit of a non linear design.



The design has free imaginative forceful and wild traits.



There is an emphasis on the richness of craft.Felt is loved by the Estonian artisans and the charming small studia are a vivid installation of felt hats ,animals ,flowers…but also of textile ,wool ,wood and ceramics artifacts and utensils.



Witches ,bizarre dolls, dragons ,mythological animals bursting with elan vital and a grain of the grotesque.



A photographer taking photos of a bride and bridegroom looking at the lovely 16th century tapestry from Enghien (Belgium) depicting biblical scenes of King Solomon’s life in Tallinn’s magnificent Town Hall. Tapestry was used for festive ceremonies and as movable fortifications to strengthen the spirit of the warriors and threat the enemy. They also indicated a high social rank and wealth and as such were used as financial investment. King Solomon is a metaphor of wisdom as he asked God to grant him the knowledge to differ between vice and virtue. He did not ask anything for his own good neither anything against any other person. The judgement of Solomon with reference to who was the mother of the living child mirrors that what really matters is the ability of concession and compassion. The Mother if biological or not is the woman who accomplished both traits.



Tallinn Town Hall. tapestry depicting the coronation of Solomon instead of the elder son Adonia. The wise man has been chosen and convention was surpassed.



Tallinn’s town hall leaders were reminded that they function for the wellness of the people before entering the meeting hall…



Estonian mythological fantasy sink



kitchen grand pot…



Virgin Mary Cathedral altar showing the religious inter-connections. The name of God The Father is written in Hebrew as part of the solar circle. An evolved Soul does not have to pertain to any defined religion but to emulate the Vastness of Divinity which is non definable as it has no beginning nor end or as indicated in the altar symbolizes both beginning and end – Alpha and Omega



Kumu Art Museum Tallinn. Poetry and Spleen. The Victorian Female Image and Fashion from Alexandre Vassilev’s Collection. Closure- 30.10.16. An incredibly extensive and beautiful exhibition composed of dresses, Estonian paintings depicting the dresses of the 19th Century, posters of photography of the time, accessories including bonnets, jewelry, shoes, fans… and an excellent documentary film about the history of fashion as from the 18th to the day. Fashion cannot be envisaged without considering the political context ,gender issues and the geopolitical social stratification…



Fabulous dresses for the nobility and new rich bourgeoisie mirror the artistic imaginative craftsmanship of the couturiers. Brocade, taffeta ,Cashmere, Crepe, velvet ,satin are fabrics woven in different modes granting different tactile and visual unique experiences.



A very thin and small waist emphasized by the usage of crinoline, tournure and other utensils worn under the skirt to form a bodily artificial design of an S ,preventing the woman to walk naturally. Today there are no bustles ,corsets or rigid collars but unwalkable stiletto heels and anorectic man looking like models.



Johann Alexander Gottlieb Schwabe. 19th century. Estonian artist. Love the texture of the horses skin and the rich fabric



A magnificent dress by the founder of haute couture Charles Frederick Worth. 19th century.



The mourning women black fashion imposed by Queen Victoria after the death of her husband.



Accessories in red



Beautiful Acanthaceae. A delicate interplay of white yellow and green. The Botanic gardens Tallinn.



Monstera Obliqua or Swiss Cheese vine with split leaves. The Botanical Gardens Tallinn



Cleistocactus Strausii. A hairy white soft haired column with wine red bulbs. The Botanical Gardens Tallinn.



Madagascar Crassulaceae. A tree who challenges any trace of linearity. The Botanical Gardens Tallinn.



Vollemia Nobilis from Whales. Critically endangered. A tree which is 200 million years old and can tell the curriculum of the dinosaurs to chosen ears… The Botanical Gardens Tallinn



A natural mandala.



Coat of Arms in St Nicholas Church, Tallinn. To this day many religions believe in the way of power instead of the Peaceful Path.



“St Christopher”. Tobias Heintze. 17th century. St Nicholas Church.Tallinn. The protector of the travelers. If the Greek mythological Titan Atlas stood on Earth and held the sky ,St Christopher, who according to legends , was likewise tall and strong, held on his back the child Christ, the Creator of Earth and Sky… archetypes keep travelling from culture to culture within the spin of time and space.



St Nicholas Church.Tallinn. Traditional iconography and surreal sculpted pagan, mythological imagery.



17th century epitaph. Extremely daring. No praises to the soul of the dead. Just the personification of Death. An excellent reminder to implement democracy and tolerance in all life domains. St Nicholas Church.Tallinn



The oldest still functioning 15th century pharmacy in the world. A distiller and cleaner. Tallinn.



the priest doctor believed in magical words when the medication did not help. The best medicine is made of salt, water and magic words, which can be read from all directions. If you are, ill you may write this powerful spell on a little piece of paper and swallow it to quicken the healing. Old pharmacy in Tallinn



Witches in Tallinn guarding the souvenirs shops from overmolesting tourists



Some more guardian witches in Tallinn avoiding the entrance to the non initiated in the crafts of the supernatural sciences.



A secure remedy against illness or strong pains: a piece of a mummy’s hand, a horse hoof, a frog, some leeches, a hedgehog and yes the kill of innocent animals still exist in vast places of the world… Ignorance is incredibly persistent. Old pharmacy in Tallinn



Inspiration for the 21st century doctors who over specialize in their fields. Old pharmacy in Tallinn.






About Dr. Dorit Kedar

Forced to continuously change nations, cultures and schooling - I had to develop a wider sense of communication, a way of thinking-feeling-behaving which stresses the common denominators. The need to adapt new landscapes and land-souls has taught instinctive means to overcome separatism, prejudices, dogmatic beliefs and suspicions. While looking for the common gathering denominators, I have also increased the ability of perception and individuation. Being constantly in estranged places has triggered psychological processes to turn the unfamiliar into familiar. As an art critic in the Israeli press, a curator, a writer - have always dealt with the otherness, the different and the infinite variety of the Existent. My Book of Peace is the result.
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2 Responses to Tallinn, August 2016: Visual and Textual Impressions

  1. Yossi Eckhaus says:

    Did you visit Tallinn and take all these magnificent pictures? I enjoyed this glimpse into the past and your descriptions and insights are enlightening. The now is not that far removed from the past. They are almost parallel universes.

  2. thanks so much Joe  for this lovely reaction. A new way to tell the essence of a city

    נשלח ממכשיר הSamsung שלי

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