Passover and Easter: A message of aggressiveness and dominance or a message of liberation and salvation

Passover and Easter
A message of aggressiveness and dominance or a message of liberation and salvation


By Dr. Dorit Kedar

The Israelites celebrate Passover to remember the Biblical account about the exodus of Egypt and the preliminary formation of a free nation.

The Christians celebrate Easter to remember the self sacrifice of Yeshua from Nazareth, Jesus Christ, to save the people from the first sin committed by Adam and Eve .

Freedom and Salvation go hand in hand.

Freedom or liberation from enslavement should be our daily practice: Liberation of prejudice, futile personal rituals, fixations of mind and heart…

Such a practice may save awareness of the desire to dominate, negativity, religious exclusivity and a poor understanding of the Essence.

An essence provided every day by The Lord of Life and Death.

Everything dies. The Angel of Death acts democratically.

The ephemeral should outlive thier days with freedom and salvation rather than within the range of dominance and aggressiveness, continuously playing the alternating roles of the sacrificed and the sacrificer.


About Dr. Dorit Kedar

Forced to continuously change nations, cultures and schooling - I had to develop a wider sense of communication, a way of thinking-feeling-behaving which stresses the common denominators. The need to adapt new landscapes and land-souls has taught instinctive means to overcome separatism, prejudices, dogmatic beliefs and suspicions. While looking for the common gathering denominators, I have also increased the ability of perception and individuation. Being constantly in estranged places has triggered psychological processes to turn the unfamiliar into familiar. As an art critic in the Israeli press, a curator, a writer - have always dealt with the otherness, the different and the infinite variety of the Existent. My Book of Peace is the result.
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