On the activity of The Center

The Way of Tolerance by Dorit Kedar

The main aim of The Center of Inter-religious Peace, Tel Aviv is to find alternative ways, so as to foster and improve inter-religious and inter-cultural understanding in conflicted areas of the world.
We may suggest a Path of Seven trails so as to build the essential foundations of Tolerance, as a vehicle to enhance understanding.

I Presence of mind, feelings, Spirit in daily actions in order to gradually experience the fleeting here and now.

II Through the experience of the here and now, we may sense the paradox of the uniqueness and transience of all sentient beings and natural phenomena.

III Becoming attuned with the paradox of uniqueness and transience at one and the same time, facilitates the building of an imaginative web, in which an infinite spectrum of finite sentient beings and natural phenomena continuously appear, change and disappear.

IV Such an imaginative web, based on Reality, is the key of non-ending revelations always bordering with the mystery of the Unknown.

V While Revelations may lead to scientific research, mystery or The Unknown is the instigator of Myths, Beliefs and the Arts.

VI All scientific findings are phases in an infinite research of matter/energy. Similarly all Myths and Beliefs are aspects of the archetypal human expressions, attempting (forcefully in vain) to comprehend the Ineffable, The Unknown.

VII Giving up the illusory will to preserve absolute theories and dogma or provide definite and precise answers to Creation, tuning to the process entwined in practice will probably prepare the soil in which we may plant the seeds of Tolerance.



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