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More of the Path of Having and Becoming

As the Body is part of the Soul and the Spirit, so the Path of Having and Becoming are intermingled.

The Path of Having is based, by nature on concrete matter, while the Path of Becoming is founded on the interminable process of phenomena within Transience. Continue reading

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Dedicated to our Chinese Friends in China and Taiwan, honouring The Year of The Pig.

The Paths of Having and of Becoming.
Without the Path of Having ,it would be impossible to found a family, a community, an institution or a nation… Continue reading

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Christianity: The Spirit of St. Francis – Overcoming Inner Polarities

Emulating the four directions of The Cross, The Christian series is divided into four sections: Continue reading

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Judaism: The Kabala Tree of Life – Overcoming Outer Polarities

The Spheres of The Tree of Life may denote four essential faculties: 

The potential to evolve.
The ability to be creative and create.
The knowledge of inventing and giving concrete forms.
The power to fulfill potential, creation, and forms within matter. Continue reading

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Marry Christmas

Happy Christmas. A Happy New Year. The Center of Inter-Religious Peace is a multi-cultural space,where different religions, traditions and cultures are intertwined harmoniously. The furniture as the artifacts of different places and time have in common – the Beauty of … Continue reading

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The Animals – Edwin Solomon

The ancient primordial existence, common to every living creature, represents the instinctive and the impulsive and is materialized in the shaman-like woodcuts of Edwin Solomon. Continue reading

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Determinism and Uncertainty

Every creature is subject to determinism with reference to the moments of the bursting of life and the terminal event. Continue reading

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