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Territorial Violence versus the power to thrust and halt

When overcoming the basic territorial survival instincts, which forcefully refer to oneself,its surroundings and life style – something crucial occurs.

One witnesses, in daily activities and demeanor, a gradual loss of the natural, violent ,over-animated instincts, supposedly intended to protect one’s interests,as well as to gain personal power and control. Continue reading

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Center as Periphery and Periphery as Center

Center as Periphery and Periphery as Center
A. An attempt to non-define center and periphery.
B. Both center and periphery are interlinked and interdependent.
C. Change and transformation are the only means to keep both alive. Continue reading

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Message for Passover – Insights on Freedom

flowers as a reminder to get rid of the Ego way
To be Free in body , mind ,soul and Spirit – requires a high awareness every moment.
Passover may be a reminder: Continue reading

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10 Ideas about Words for 2018.

It is better to talk less but say more. Continue reading

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Christmas 2017-2018 – On Sensing the Spiritual Ultimate Beauty

The annunciation of the angel Gabriel to Mary that she will give birth to the Son of God and of Man may be considered as a profound universal metaphor.
All creeds yearn towards the unification with the Divine. Thus become eternally blissful.
Paradoxically, by stressing idiosyncratic territorial characteristics within religion, believers perpetuate a basic human aspect – the principle of possession and belonging.
Continue reading

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Artist Statement for The Other Art Fair

Art as a Philosophic Path

Art as a Spiritual Tendency

Art as expression of Universality

Art as enhancer of Tolerance

Art mirroring both the basic and the Ethereal Continue reading

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The Dream of an Olive Tree – The Path of Peace

One leaf for peace
One leaf for the land
One leaf for wellness – One leaf for worship Continue reading

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