Shamanistic Primal African Masks

The series of masks may be related to the most basic instincts of the human civilization.
It has much in common with any Shamanic spiritual iconography.
We may cite some of the most important characteristics of Shamanic iconography:
The design, sculpture or any visual device is imbued with the Shaman’s Spirit which created them.
Thus the Shaman, who has the power to communicate with the Spirits, transfers his own supremacy to the created item. The artistic items are actually a personification of the Shaman.
Intention, ability, will of the Shaman reflect a disciplined traditional heritage.
A tradition which prizes the accurate assemblage of materials (generally deriving from the natural habitat – metals, stones and shells, roots and plants , animal , fish and bird flesh and blood) as well as the emphasis on the ceremonial complexity of the process of creation itself.
Every component has its symbolism, meaning and precise beneficial or malignant goal. The final result should be a sort of a potent protector to ensure good life or an effective arm against the enemy.
Primitive consciousness, still very strongly palpitating in most of the human race, wishes to live well.
By wellness the primitive consciousness mainly stress sexual potency (male) and fertility (female), material prosperity and good health.
The human, like all animals, is a social being who competes with his fellow men sharing the same habitat.
The richer and the more virile or fertile one is – the more influential one becomes, within the community.
Striving towards the cherished super position, the primitive consciousness bids the protection and constant help of the Spirits of their dead ancestors and the range of gods and goddesses.
Primitive consciousness, unaware of its dual nature, believes that by respecting, memorizing and continuous sacrificing to the Gods and ancestors, it will be duly rewarded.
If the gods are not properly venerated – the blessings might become a terrifying curse inciting pain, sickness, suffering and death in agony.
A tragic and dramatic death will affect the afterlife and the miserable dead person might become a wandering ghost, eternally searching quietude and salvation.
The holy shamanic art items in form, color, texture, component and sound, wish to ensure wellness, denigrate and even annihilate enemies by addressing to the apt beings of the Spiritual domain…

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