To Count The Spheres

To Count The Spheres – Hadar Maor

Earthly Spheres forms an extension to The Book Of Peace and Zen Insights exhibitions.

10 Spheres in The Book of Yezira (Formation).
30 paintings within formation.
15 Earthly Spheres.
15 Celestial Spheres.
How should we count The Spheres?
How should we tell about?
It depends on the narrator
And who is counting?
As I experience it Dorit’s paintings are linked to the Source.
The Source of Mystery.
The Mystery of Life.
They do not interpret but transfer the variety of frequencies
Reverberating Mystery’s inherent energies.
As I experience The Spheres in Dorit’s paintings –
They do not translate but are Self Creating within the works.
The Earthly Spheres partially reveal Mystery
The Celestial Spheres -veil
As I experience the Mystery in Dorit’s paintings –
It is the Choice in Life

(The following text might be seen as ‘gibberish’ because it is originally hebrew.)

The sphere of Beauty

The sphere of Victory

The world of the Divine

The sphere of Foundation

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