Zen Masks


Dorit Kedar – Zen Masks
By Arie Berkowitz and Irit Levin, “The Farm” Gallery, Holon, 2009

Zen Insights forms an extension to The Book Of Peace and Earthly Spheres exhibition.The exhibition is a virtual Mandela created by the theorist and artist Dorit Kedar – the fruit of many years of studying and practicing Zen Buddhism and Indian Tantra. The end product is reflected in the present singular and imaginative complex of works.
The exhibition presents three series:
Monsters – the guardians of the gates towards the journey to accomplish self awareness.
ceramic masks symbolizing the inner demons or the vices to overcome in order to pursue the journey.
masks and calligraphy representing Zen wisdom.

The visitor begins his own path by confronting the monsters of Chaos and continues the path towards Void, Infinity.
The guardians are situated in the entrance of the gallery marking the four directions of the world and avoiding the attempt of the unworthy to attain the inner space of the Mandela. In so doing they will prevent the ability to climb the virtual ladder of energies, be released of Time and Space criteria and attain ultimate Liberation.
The seeker of awareness, having overcome the chaotic monsters will encounter the 8 masks representing negative fixations of the mind as: anger, jealousy, temptation or stubbornness.
These works are bold and deformed exteriorizing the demonic dwellers of the souls.
The one who cannot cope with this group of sculptures – will further experience the world as a static and certain reality. However if the seeker proceeds and evolves the faculties of self observation by diminishing automatic thinking/feeling system – he will gradually assimilate and fulfill the Way.
19 ceramic sculptures plus calligraphy are the equivalents of the understandings to acquire. Matter and word reflect the oneness of the Primordial and Spirit.

Thus the visitor of the exhibition begins the journey with the Irrational (Chaotic Monsters) via efforts to overcome the self (8 vices or capital sins) up to the transformation and Liberation (19 stations on the Way).

Dorit Kedar decodes Zen Wisdom by creating basic and simple forms suggesting complex contents. She unites the intuitive and the analytic aspects. The forms are flattened, each head is particular and different but the ensemble of heads shows an interlinking coherence.

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