Caravaggio as a Modernist: What is Modernism?

The Center of Inter-religious Peace is proud to offer you the long-awaited English edition of Caravaggio as a Modernist: What is Modernism?

The book and its unique, original thesis are based on Kedar’s MA dissertation, available for the first time in English, with a new editor’s foreword.

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This book presents seventeenth-century Caravaggio as a modernist artist. In this book, modernism is perceived not as a style dependent on time and space but as an essential system of values connected to a subjective view of the world.

This book examines the meaning of the artist’s realism, the reflection of the artist’s individuality in his work, from the points of view of both content and form, as well as Caravaggio’s religious approach, which is interpreted as an existentialist protest.

The reader is exposed to perceive Caravaggio as an artist rebelling against his times’ conventions, while also opening up to a focused, concise comprehension of modernism.

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Editor’s foreword   ||  Book Review, by Yossi Mark, artist and critic.