Special Thanks to:

Tamar Kedar  – For the launching of The Book of Inter-religious Peace in 2001.
Father Danielemose Hughes Schroder, St. Anthony Catholic Parish, Church, Jaffa and Terra Santa, Jerusalem – For the invaluable spiritual and linguistic assistance.
Raphael Kedar – For his marvelous Willingness and Editorial assistance..
Sigal Morad – For advice and assistance in the final editing process.
Prof. Shao-Ying Chiang, Director of The Museum of World Religions –  For the publication of The Book of Inter-religious Peace in English and Chinese, thus contributing to spread the Word of Peace in the world.
Jocelyn Chuo, Chief Curator – For Her Kindness and Understanding
Jian-Chang Chu  – For  the constructive energies which helped initiating the project of the publication
Alison H.Y. Liu ,  Chief Curator for the task of accomplishing the publication and her spirit of perfection.
Dharma Master Hsin Tao, Head of The Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society – For the Deep Theological Understanding and His Path towards the deepening of Collecive and Personal Awareness to spread the message of Inter-religious Peace.
Raphael Gamzou, Former representative of Iseco Israel Economic  and Cultural Office in Taipei – For introducing the author of the book to the team of the Museum of World Religions.

My deep gratitude to all the lovely people who have helped along the hard road:

Alicia Liu – For her high abilities in translation and philosophical insights
Bao Shiang Shih  – For her Encouragement and Friendship
Aide Amit Aviezer – main assistant of The Center of Inter-religious Studies
Miraim Grinberg, – accountant of The Center of Inter-religious Studies.
Mahmoud Mohammed Mafra – Arab-Jewish reconciliation relentless activist.
Said El Nahari – Arab Calligraphy in the  Jewish and Moslem series
Irene Auerbach of Blessed Memory – Translation.
Ayelet Payento – Artistic Photography, co-artist in the series “The Mandala – 15 Masks and Flowers”,proof-reader.
Revital Topiol – Artistic Photography and counseling
Gregory Vinizki – Artistic Photography.
Ran Erde – Artistic Photography
Enosh Ben – Zvi – Web Art Director the School of Art “Hamidrasha”, Beit Berl Academic College.
Irit Millo – Digital Art Director, Digital Imagery, the School of Art “Hamidrasha”, Beit Berl Academic College.
Matan Zohar and Gall Yanay Orian – Assistants Art Director,
Digital Imagery, The School of Art,“Hamidrasha”, Beit Berl Academic College.
Hadas Achituv – Assistance and Advising in Computer Design and Editing, Beit Berl Academic College.
Michal Gamzou – Former Cultural Attaché of Iseco – Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei

Michal Kahana – Head Librarian, the School of Art Library and the Israeli Art Digital Database
Orna Gutman – Information specialist, the School of Art Library.
Karin Auerbach Hanania – The maker of site of The Center of Inter-religious Peace.
The marvelous team of the Museum of World Religions – Eleonore (Li-U), Jocelyn, Wen-ling, Bao-Shiang Shih.