The personal, academic, artistic, psychological perspectives

Book of Peace - Cover

The Perspective of The Book of Inter-religious Peace is based on seven interlinked facets: Personal, Academic, Artistic, Psychological, Philosophical, Theological and Spiritual.

Personal – a childhood and youth characterized by a continual change of cultural and religious context.
An attempt to break linear rationalization always based on pre-concepts and known syntax and explore the unification of polarities as the Master thesis – “Caravaggio as a Modernist” or the PH.D. – “Zen Buddhism as means to increase creativity (in the west) as well as books as “Jungian archetypes of the Tarot cards and Zen insights”…
An unending account of the creative mind-soul life: Research, experience, practice, contemplation, simplicity, observation, aperture, basic values, intuition, instincts, manual labor, gardening, care of animals, care of people, balance of harmony and disharmony, rest, adventure, ethics, exploration, daily revelations, endurance , Faith.
The foundations deal with I. The efficient system of accumulation of knowledge by gradual transmutation of thought-feeling-energy. II. Methodology: non-preferential approach, replacing territorial views by the essential outlook of Sharing. III. The need to check personal fixations and conventional dogmas: fighting the a priori tendencies of the mind, sharpening the process of individuation, revealing the sense of playfulness and adventure , non separateness between the aim and the path. IV. Alternative Spirituality : Instead of stressing the importance of an ethnic and national God – the Simple But Complex Understanding that the notion of The Creator is in itself – All Including.
Keywords: Psychological Foundations of the Book of Peace, Preparing the Soil of the New Era Believer
FOUR PILLARS MAY symbolize the encompassing
work of The Book of Peace:
1. Accumulation of Knowledge
2. The Inter-linking Exploit
3. Breaking through conventional concepts
4. Social Awareness and Universality.

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