The philosophical and theological perspectives

Book of Peace - Cover


  1. God is the Creator of Everything and Everyone within space and time.
  2. God, as the Creator of space and time, is therefore also reflected in space and time forming part of Creation, but God is beyond space and time, as the Ultimate Creator.
  3. To reach the Divine means to break defined patterns of mind, dictated by space\time criteria and grasped, wrongly, as fixed and solid phenomena. Space and time, or the here and now, through their dynamic change, reflect what exists beyond – The Eternal Infinity.
  4. Contemplation, encapsulating the spirit-mind-soul and body, should practice, constantly, the fleeting, the passage of everything existent, and remain overt to the mirrored phenomena appearing and disappearing.
  5. Paradoxically, to experience the Divine, one has to cultivate a dynamic stream of awareness, very much like the passing phenomena themselves, and avoid the temptation to reside in one sole and unalterable truth.
  6. One of the most precious vehicles to help break defined patterns of mind is exercising the capacity of understanding, love and assistance to the familiar, as well as unfamiliar, surroundings everyday anew. Practicing the virtue of Mercy makes the soul aware and alert, training it to be all including by increasing temperance and inner harmony. These latter two virtues avoid fixations and enhance the streaming of awareness so that it becomes like the passage of everything.
  7. The Book of Inter-religious peace has chosen certain religious paths and, through them, proposes the various ways to overcome polarities (pre-concepts, fixations) so that awareness transmutes and melts within transience reflecting Eternity.

As clarified in the previous sections, one of the goals of The Book of Inter-religious Peace is to demonstrate in concise word and image the path to Eternity through transience of the fleeting here and now. The beliefs, exposed in this book, as models, have a common denominator – to widen the mind so that it forms an inseparable part of the fleeting here and now.
Transience is forcefully dynamic, making us walk, consciously or not, towards the unknown. Any fixations of mind build obstacles, which keep us fenced within an illusionary reality, a product of imagination, which has nothing to do with Change or Reality, as is.
Experiencing transience means walking towards the unknown the next minute. The practice turns the unknown into a modus vivendi. The mind/soul, challenged by the infinite alternatives of transience, becomes acquainted with non-terminable, gradually unveiled, filaments, spreading further and further. The believer, who consequently reveals the secrets of transience, is the one to be enlightened by Infinity, which is, paradoxically – Eternity. In fact, the greatest attainment of the walker in the unknown of every day (nature of Creation), is to form an indistinctive part of the One Infinite Unknown (nature of The Creator).

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