The Pictorial Aspect: Buddhism

3.4 Buddhism: Tolerance by liberation of idiosyncratic concepts

The series 22 Zen Meditations to stop Time has been inspired by the beliefs and philosophies of the Far East – Tantra, Tao, and Zen Buddhism.
Though of different paths, they all have a common essential trait – the attainment of Oneness or Unity.
The three religions related to Patriarch Abraham teach and instruct the believer how to attain the One, by following a corpus of commandments and prohibitions. Thereupon the status of man is of extreme importance in comparison to the other living Creatures.
Man is formed in the image of the Creator; Christ is God and Man, stressing the salvation of the believer who reunites with God.
Mohammed (The Praised One) is believed to be the last prophet, who reveals and transfers the Word of God – The Koran.
The three religions have also in common side-trends, which emphasize the importance of the loving heart and the ability to communicate with everything existent. Jewish kabala and Hassidic stories, Christian Franciscan Ethos and Islamic Sufism share the spiritual experience of unity by the gradual abolishment of separateness.
In the endeavor to overcome the illusion of separateness and thus experience Oneness, the three side-trends resemble the great Philosophies and Faiths of the Far East. The extremely significant contribution of the Eastern Philosophies is their teachings to build the Inner Temple, in which transience becomes the field of perpetual experience aiming to denote the Way as the ultimate Goal, Transience as the Ineffable Eternity.
The series of Zen Meditations is formed of twenty-two paintings following the traditional old Tarot Major Arcane. Each painting constitutes a brick in the interminable building within transience to explore Infinity.

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401_Zen-The_Journey 402_Zen-Tuning 403_Zen-Overcoming_Polarities 404_Zen-Enrichment 405_Zen-Focus 406_Zen-Balance 407_Zen-Choices 408_Zen-Expansion 409_Zen-Welling_Forth 410_Zen-Aloneness 411_Zen-Adaptations 412_Zen-Decisiveness 413_Zen-The_Unknown 414_Zen-Parting 415_Zen-flowing 416_Zen-Survival 417_Zen-Yielding 418_Zen-Calming_Down 419_Zen-Willpower 420_Zen-Sharing 421_Zen-Openness 422_Zen-Oneness

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3.4.3 The Mandala: 15 Masks and flowers – art photography

By Ayelet Payento inspired by Dorit Kedar’s Mandala series

The closing series of Buddhism presents an imaginative Mandala, suggesting the intricate journey of the Book, hopefully leading towards a better understanding of inter-religious tolerance.

The first part – Chaotic Animals, Flowers, Death mask – symbolizes chaos and mental death caused by stereotyping, fixations, prejudice and discrimination. A static state of mind cannot form part of the eternal dynamic flux of Life and Death cycle. Furthermore the attempt of the static mind to reduce all phenomena to an idea fix, paradoxically, brings forth chaos, tragedy and even premature death.

The second part – Vase with breasts, withered flowers, Tantric Evil masks – presents the byproducts of the static inflexible mind such as anger, envy, avarice that results from the inability to give up personal desires, and refusing to adapt one’s
modus Vivendi to the ever changing waves of Life and Death.

The third part – Zen Insights, Vase and Ascetic Flowers – refers to Zen teachings which may increase creativity by improving the contemplation of the world and the cultivation of inner harmony, helping in deciding when to act and when not.


501_Mandala-Chaotic_Animals_Flowers_Death_Masks_01 502_Mandala-Chaotic_Animals_Flowers_Death_Masks_02 503_Mandala-Chaotic_Animals_Flowers_Death_Masks_03 504_Mandala-Chaotic_Animals_Flowers_Death_Masks_04 505_Mandala-Vase_With_Breasts_Withered_Flowers_Tantric_Evil_Masks-Jealousy 506_Mandala-Vase_With_Breasts_Withered_Flowers_Tantric_Evil_Masks-Anger 507_Mandala-Vase_With_Breasts_Withered_Flowers_Tantric_Evil_Masks-Vengeance 508_Mandala-Vase_With_Breasts_Withered_Flowers_Tantric_Evil_Masks-Stubborness 509_Mandala-Vase_With_Breasts_Withered_Flowers_Tantric_Evil_Masks-Resentment 510_Mandala-Zen_Insights_Vase_Ascetic_Flowers-The_Void 511_Mandala-Zen_Insights_Vase_Ascetic_Flowers-The_Loosening 512_Mandala-Zen_Insights_Vase_Ascetic_Flowers-Attuned 513_Mandala-Zen_Insights_Vase_Ascetic_Flowers-The_Power_of_Needing_Less 515_Mandala-Zen_Insights_Vase_Ascetic_Flowers-Simplicity02

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