The Pictorial Aspect: Christianity

3.2 Christianity: The Spirit of St Francis – Overcoming Inner Polarities

Christianity concretizes the inherent link between the Sphere of Crown and the Sphere of Kingdom through the Sphere of Splendor:
God, the Father (Crown) is incarnated in the Son, Jesus Christ (Kingdom) via The Holy Spirit (Splendor).
Christ the Divine Son descends to the world of matter as Man. Though He is born and dies, as all humans, his birth is triggered by the Holy Spirit and death becomes just a phase before resurrection.
His birth is not caused by transient human semen and his death does not prevent Him from reappearing again on earth.
The Eternal Infinite, The Son incarnated in the transient and The Holy Spirit become the Trinity, in which The Eternal, Transience and the Inter-linking are all One Essence.
The Christian series is inspired by the Spirit of St Francis of Assisi, whose life can serve as the ultimate paradigm of a person being as one and at the same time, in body/soul/mind/spirit part of Creation and of The Creator.
The metaphoric motifs chosen to illustrate St. Francis personality and Faith are the butterfly, the rose, the shell and the caduceus.
Four motifs as the four directions of the Cross, while each direction has three types of the same motif to suggest the Holy Trinity.
The short life of the butterfly or the moth is the reason why this insect serves to represent the transience of the body. The moth gnawing the garments suggests the need to purify our soul so that it remains clean and the third butterfly, painted with black and red symbolizes Salvation attained by apprehending the incarnation of Spirit in flesh and blood.
The rose here chosen as the visual equivalent for the soul and feelings, is also an attribute of The Virgin Mary.
Mary is a pure vessel for the fruit that she bears in her body is – Divine (the white rose), she is prepared to sacrifice the most beloved Son for the sake of humanity (the red rose) and after death she becomes The Heavenly Mother and unites with Her Son. (Blue rose).
The mind and mental abilities are symbolized by the Shell.
The Shell denotes the mental aptitude of Christ. He is incarnated in flesh and blood to teach by means of His own passion, the common source of all creatures, and the search of the Spirit in matter by the Holy Communion.
The four shells denote the fecundity of the mind that cultivates tolerance and thus becomes an open Gate to all existent- man, animal and Nature as a Wholeness.
Finally the Caduceus, Hermes mythological winged staff, refers to the exercises the spirit has to accomplish so as to live daily the presence of Infinity in the finite – practicing moral equilibrium by the maintenance of ethic criteria, wise and lofty thoughts so that body, feelings, mental abilities and spirit emit one harmonious and inseparable sound, as the old Japanese Zen Koan challenges – hearing the clapping of one single hand.

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